Enhanced Beauty Permanent Makeup

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Ask yourself:

Are you looking for a practical and effortless way to look your best 24 hours per day/7 days per week?
Would you love to have makeup that doesn't smear, melt in warm temperatures, smudge or rub off?
Are you tired of tugging and stretching the fragile skin around your eyes to get that perfect eyeliner?
Are you a contact lens wearer?
Do you find it difficult or too time consuming to apply makeup?
Do you have allergies to conventional makeup?
Do you have sensitive skin?
Are your eyebrows sparse or have no eyebrows at all?
Are you active and want your makeup to last through swimming and other sports?
Would you like to wake up to makeup every morning?
Are you tired of refreshing your makeup throughout the day?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, permanent makeup may be your answer!

Medical Considerations

Permanent Makeup is a wonderful addition to a woman's (or man's) life. Unfortunately, not every person is a candidate for these procedures. Your safety and general health is primary to me.
If I inform you that I am not willing to perform the procedures on you, please do not search for a provider that will. Talk to your doctor or have your doctor call me.

DIABETICS:Can have difficulty healing. Please ask your doctor if he/she approves permanent makeup for you. I will not apply permanent makeup to brittle diabetics.

PREGNANT/NURSING WOMAN: Please wait until you have recovered from delivery and are no longer breastfeeding.

CANCER/CHEMOTHERAPY PATIENTS: If you have been diagnosed with cancer and chemotherapy has NOT YET started, it is best to do the permanent makeup for brows and eyeliner before the treatment begins. I will keep the makeup subtle and use brush strokes for eyebrows. If you lose your natural eyebrows, the brush strokes will look more natural. Once chemotherapy has started, I will not apply permanent makeup. Your natural immunity is compromised and your resistance to infection is lower. During this time, your body needs to focus on your total health. A written doctor's permission is required.

ALLERGIES: Allergy testing is done prior to all procedures. The products that I use are hypo-allergenic. It is rare to have an allergic reaction. I only use Latex Free gloves during all procedures.

BLEEDING/COAGULATION PROBLEMS: If you have been diagnosed with Hemophilia or other clotting disorder, a written statement of permission is required from you physician. Please discontinue medications, herbal supplements and over the counter products that can interfere with clotting 10 days prior to your procedure...with the permision of your physician. Excessive bleeding during procedures can make implanting pigments very difficult. If a third visit is required, a $50 setup fee is required, this only covers the cost of my equipment and supplies.

ORGAN TRANSPLANT PATIENTS: Permanent makeup is contraindicated for organ transplant patients.

COLD SORE/HERPES SIMPLEX PATIENTS: If you are prone to cold sores, please get a prescription for an anti-viral medication such as Zovirax or Valtrex from your doctor before having LIP color applied. Please begin taking this 5-7 days before your appointment and continue until your lips are healed.

AUTO-IMMUNE DISEASE PATIENTS: please have written permission from your doctor.

GLAUCOMA PATIENTS: Please have your eye pressures under control prior to eyeliner and have your doctor's permission.

EYE SURGERY PATIENTS: You must be six months post-op and have your doctor's permission.

MITRAL VALVE PROLAPSE, ARTIFICIAL HEART VALVES OR JOINTS: If you routinely need an antibiotic before dental procedures, please consult your doctor prior to permanent makeup and I will need written MD approval.

INFLAMED SKIN: permanent makeup cannot be applied to inflamed skin, this includes inflammation from peels, sunburn or any other trauma to the skin.

You know your own body. If you have any medical issues that you feel might be an issue, please consult your doctor and inform me prior to our consultation.