lash enhancement and eyeliner:

Eyeliner might be important to your appearance and feeling of self confidence.  Topical makeup smudges and wears off during the day.  most people have difficulty getting the liner straight and even every day.  Many people have allergic reactions or become irritated by the daily application of eyeliner.

Permanent eyeliner, which also enhances your eyelashes, can be your answer.  It can be applied in many styles and colors.  it can range from soft, natural looking lash enhancement to a more defined line.  Some people feel upper and lower eyeliner is best for them, while others feel only upper OR lower is appropriate for them.  I will provide a recommendation from my past experience, but the choice is yours.  Whatever look you choose, you will be able to wake up, exercise, shower, swim and go to bed always looking your best.


​Women (and men) who have experience mastectomies, various breast surgeries or may have faded or irregular areola frequently experience insecurities or emotional distress.  

3-dimensional nipple tattooing is a very specialized method of tattooing to restore a natural looking areola and nipple to these patients.  Pigments are implanted into the skin to give the appearance of a dimensional nipple.  Color and shading are used to give the nipple a full, 3-dimensional look.  color is blended to give a soft, beautiful and natural appearance.  Contact me for a consultation.

Natural hairstroke eyebrows:

Eyebrows frame the face.  I can fill in sparse or thinning brows to appear full and fluffy.  If you have overplucked or have a medical condition that has thinned your brows, contact me for an appointment.  i can even create a natural appearing brow where there is no hair at all!

A variety of methods are at my disposal so I can utilize my skills and create your perfect brow.

Every client is unique.  Your skin type will be evaluated to choose the best technique for YOU.  Not all skin types are appropriate for Microblading, but that doesn't mean you can't have beautiful, hairstroke brows.  I combine natural hairstroke techinques, manual or by machine, with soft powdering techinques.  

You will not leave my office with "cookie cutter' brows.  This sets me apart from my competitors. 


​For tattoo removal and lightening, I use the WORLD'S FIRST, all-natural, Non-Laser tattoo removal method.  I have been trained and certified by Tattoo Vanish, Inc.

This procedure uses a method of tattoo removal similar (but not the same!) as applying tattoo or permanent makeup to the skin.  The procedure minimizes damage to the skin of the patient.  Over the years, the product and method has been perfected, making Tattoo Vanish far superior to other methods, including any type of LASER tattoo removal.  Unlike LASER treatments, Tattoo Vanish is less painful, more cost-effective (requiring up to 75% fewer treatments for complete removal), and is the only method that will remove all colors where LASER cannot.

Contact me for a consultation.


Unsightly or disfiguring scars can be devastating to one's self image and confidence.  In many cases, with specialized techniques, I can improve the appearance of surgical scars, scars from accidents and even stretch marks.  Occasionally, camouflage pigments can be used to blend, correct and refine less than perfect areas on the body.  I combine my artistic abilities with my medical background to provide this valuable service.  Contact me for a consultation.

Brows:  Hairstroke/Hand Method

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lip color:

If you are tired of refreshing your lipliner and/or lipstick several times per day, then you have come to the right place!  "All day" lipsticks can dry out and irritate your lips.  Lipsticks can cost as much as $25 per tube.  Lip color can also "run" and get smudgy on the edges, your teeth, your coffee cup and wine glass, or on the collar of that favorite 'someone'. 

Permanent lip color is your answer.  A soft lip liner and color defines the "Cupid's Bow" and can make pale, "barely there" lips look kissably soft.  Color is applied the the lip line and blended into the body of the lip.  Your smile will turn heads.  

Enhanced Beauty Permanent Makeup


COLOR BOOST: Permanent Makeup will fade over time. Factors such as sun exposure, medications, facial treatments and creams can cause fading. If appointments are made within two years of original procedure, the procedure will be at 50% of the regular price if I have done your initial procedure. If your permanent makeup was done by another provider, the fee will be determined at the consultation visit.

FOLLOWUPS: FIRST APPLICATION: A 4-8 week post procedure appointment is made during the initial visit. Frequently, the first application of pigment is all that is required to achieve excellent results. Each client is unique and we all heal in our own specific way. Occasionally, followups are needed to blend, soften or adjust the color slightly.

POLICY:   Appointments are required.  I have flexible hours, including weekends.  A 48 hour notice is appreciated.  There will be a $50 fee for missed appointments, including touchups.  It may be necessary to reschedule your appointment if you are more than thirty minutes late.